Nova Health Clinic New Patients

“I had elbow pain so visited two places for the treatment which didn’t work and was getting worth to the point that I had difficulty holding a book in my left hand. One of my colleagues referred me to Nova Health Clinic. I approached the Clinic the Chiropractor quickly assessed my arm and elbow advising that he could help. His treatment of electroacupuncture and ART massage quickly repaired my hopeless situation after about 6 treatments.”

“Very pleased with the Treatments that I have received”

“Just a quick note to thank the doctors and staff at the Nova Health Clinic, I recently completed my physiotherapy treatments. I was referred to your services by my friend and I am thanks full that she did so. The welcome I received on the phone and upon my first visit, the staff were informative, friendly, keenly interested in my situation, and the doctor was to the point, very informative, and provided me with a great deal of confidence moving forward. If I experience any joints and muscles pain again, you will be the first place I call, and you can be assured that I am recommending your services to all my friends.”

“You guys were great. Very professional and friendly. Thanks!!!”

“My Massage therapy sessions were very professional/personalized/effective. I’ve been to many different massage therapists and she exceeded my expectations.”

New Patients

Nova Health Clinic services include full body assessment, 3D foot evaluation, injury prevention, and orthopedic, medical supplies. A typical first visit includes a full body assessment, and a report of findings is presented to the patient along with any recommendations by the Registered Health Practitioners.
Have work benefits?
We accept all insurance and union coverage.
We bill your insurance company directly, if applicable.
Your family members are also covered for our services. Your Spouse & children under 19 (or 24 if they are full-time students) have the same benefits as you and are able to receive our services if necessary to improve their health.
Please call to book an appointment and have your EHC Information on your First Visit.
No benefits? Senior people?
You’ll appreciate our affordable rates!
Under ODSP, Social Assistance?

If you are under ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) or Social Assistance (Welfare) you may be eligible to receive some of the medical products depending on your body and pain situation.

Please give us a call for more detailed information.